Boiler installation and servicing

Boiler Installations / Repairs / Servicing

For your own safety, please ensure that any Gas work is always undertaken by a registered Gas Safe (previously Corgi) engineer.

If you are experiencing problems with your heating, depending on the age of the boiler it is always beneficial to have the system inspected.  We can initially diagnose the issue, advise if the issue can be resolved and discuss your options.  We can provide diagnostic checks on all domestic boilers including Combination, System and Condensing Boilers.

Extensive Knowledge of various manufacturers boilers which aids when  diagnosing faults and recommending a new model.


Boiler Servicing

Maintenance and prevention is very important and can extend the life of your boiler.  It is recommended that you have your system checked annually by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer.


Landlord Safety Checks

These are required by law.  We offer volume discounts for multiple properties.


Power Flush

After a few years existing heating systems are likely to suffer blockages due to build up of sludge, scale and rust.  Tell-tale signs are different temperatures from radiators and unusual noises from the system.   Issues with sludge are known to arise after you may have had some work done on your system ie. installed a new radiator, a new boiler or changes to pipe-work.  If you notice any abnormalities such as water not getting as hot or taking a long time to get hot, you should call a qualified heating engineer asap to Power Flush the system and avoid any further damage to your system.

We recommend a Power Flush for any system if you are changing your boiler.  We also recommend you install a Magna-Clean to filter future debris to stop this passing through the boiler providing more longevity.


Power Flush – How it Works

Connect the Power Flush pump and magnetic filters to the heating pipe-work.  The Power Flush then pumps through pressurised water and added chemicals to loosen and remove sludge.  We repeat the process until the water runs clear and finally add inhibitor.








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